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is. this is fox 5 news at 10:00. tonight more amazing video of a meteor exploding over russia with the force of 20 atomic bombs. the new details that are
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surfacing about the fireball, the damage and the panic. >> and definitely a vacation to remember, unfortunately the memories won't be good ones. hear from passengers stranded for days in the heat and stench aboard a crippled cruise ship. ♪ i'm a single lady ♪ so put your hands up ♪ . >> if you blinked, you missed out. outraged fans demanding answers from ticketmaster after another beyonce show in d.c. sold out in one minute. but we begin with winter weather tonight. today's warm temperatures are not sticking around this weekend unfortunately. in fact, we're seeing rain tonight and some areas are getting snow. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm brian bolter. down to gary mcgrady we go monitoring the very latest updates. >> thanks, guys. cold front is coming through. ahead of that some showers and some snow. we're not worrying about any lakes with this particular
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outbreak of snow -- accumulation with this particular outbreak of snow. let's go to sentinel radar. most of this is green even though i've gotten a few reports around leesburg there was some snow, out along 81 some snow and this is all moving west to east at a pretty good clip. there's snow now farther north, but you have to really go up to the north, northern montgomery county up into carroll county. that's where we're seeing snow now. the bigger picture, you can see there's an end to this, a little light snow farther to the west and way out in texas and dropping down into oklahoma, that is the storm that potentially develops for tomorrow that may bring us a little bit more snow, lot of cold air in place tomorrow and tomorrow afternoon. as we head into tomorrow evening, we watch the track of the low and it is becoming -- well, i'm becoming pretty confident now this low is moving more out to sea and so that means little or no snow for the metro for tomorrow, more details. i'll explain a little further
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coming up in the full forecast. >> you can track the weather 24/7 with the fox 5 weather app. log onto for more information. another big story, the meteor explosion over russia, the blast happened about 900 miles from moscow and hurt more than 1,000 people. fox 5's will thomas has been following the story and joins us from the newsroom. >> that meteor sped across the sky in russia about 9:20 in the morning there. it left a thick white trail. as you can imagine, there was panic because people had no idea what it was and as it came in, it exploded and the resulting meteorites scattered across three regions of russia. you can hear the car radio in the background, just another day for the man driving his car equipped with derek cam, but nothing -- a dashcam, but nothing was normal about that meteor streaking across the sky. here it is again captured by another driver. it's almost apocalyptic, a fireball stinted estimated to
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be 50 feed wide traveling at more than 45,000 miles per hour. it exploded 12 to 15,000 miles high and released energy equivalent to an atomic bomb. cameras captured the shock wave that blew out an estimated 1 million square feet of glass. countless windows shattered in an area about 1,000 miles east of moscow. the spectacle deeply frightened many russians. more than 1,100 people were hurt. a young girl explains what happened. translator: after the flash nothing happened for about three minute. then we rushed outdoors. i was not alone. i was there with katia. the door was made of glass. the shock waves hit us. >> reporter: >> a nasa expert joined us on fox 5 news at 5:00 and said this is extraordinarily rare. >> i have to be honest, will. i am not wear of anything in the history books talking -- not aware of anything in the history books talking about this many people being hurt by
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a single event. >> ironically the event happened the same day an astroid buzzed by earth closer than an astroid has since scientists started monitoring them 15 years ago. it missed earth by more than 17,000 miles coming closer than weather and communication satellites that orbit our planet. >> they not related. they're going to do more studies, but right now nasa said they don't think it's related. >> so the meteor and astroid just a strange coincidence according to scientists. in case you're wondering as we did, what's the deal with all those dashcams in the cars of average folks like you and me? turns out they're popular in russia for several reasons including disputes over traffic accidents. insurance fraud is apparently a big problem there. we're also looking at how this story first came to light here in the u.s. a local hockey website may have bragging rights. peter hassette is editor of you're a big capses fan.
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the website is about hockey, though, not really news -- caps fan. the website is about hockey, though, not really news, right? >> that's correct. we're tracking a capitals prospect in russia and after the game the other night we heard talk from our moscow correspondent theodore who told our editor ian about some explosion that happened over the city and we'd just started collecting information, videos, images, news, press releases, translations and we started putting them together. >> so it's really like the power of social media in this case. >> absolutely. specifically drawing that media together making sure that it's legitimate. >> you did some checking on google i understand. you have a pretty good idea your website had this before some of the traditional news outlets, right? >> kind of a funny story i guess because we had our ear to the ground about the players
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and the social media dimension of it. the we beat the other wire services to the sorry -- we beat the other wire services to the story by about an hour. eventually you start worrying about the people themselves. >> who can blame you? thanks for getting this out there for us. here's a little more on the astroid that buzzed by earth. it happened about 2:30 this afternoon. it was the closest fly-by ever for a rock of its size, 150 feet, but as astroids go, it was small. the one that wiped out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago was 6 miles wide. now to the fallout from the carnival cruise ship catastrophe, with that disastrous vacation over at sea, thousands of passengers returning home. fox's jonathan serrie has the latest tonight from mobile, alabama. >> reporter: passengers cheered as the carnival cruise ship triumph arrived in mobile.
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>> i'm so excited to be home andton i can go take a shower -- and to know i can go take a shower and go to the restroom and not have to worry if there's water or not. >> reporter: adrianna perez was among more than 3,000 passenger as board triumph sunday when a fire in an engine room caused the vessel the length of three football fields to lose power 150 miles off the coast of mexico's yucatan peninsula. >> there was a moment when the electricity went out and you could hear the screams of babies and mothers and there was an elderly couple sitting next to me and i could hear them telling each other remember i love you and that was really difficult. >> reporter: what was supposed to be a four-day cruise turned into eight days as tugboats slowly towed the disabled vessel to mobile. with limited power there were long lines for food and backed up toilets forced them to use plastic bags. >> they were our toilets, yes. we had to set it in the hallway, taught you a lot of humility. she didn't want to set it out. i said baby, that's just how it has to be done. >> reporter: carnival
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chartered 100 buses and 20 planes to get passengers home. the company is offering each passenger a full refund for this cruise, $500 in cash and a free cruise in the future for those who are still interested. >> i'd go tomorrow. if you fall off a bicycle, you don't never ride it again, you know. you fall off a horse, you do it. you have an automobile accident, you still drive. >> reporter: the triumph was towed to a shipyard in mobile bay where it will undergo mechanical repairs and thorough cleaning. officials say the vessel will remain out of service through april. jonathan serrie, fox news. new former congressman jesse jackson jr. is facing federal charges. how much money prosecutors say he stole from his campaign and what he allegedly used money to buy. >> beyonce's second d.c. show sold out this morning in one minute, why experts say most fans never had a chance to get a ticket. >> later on the news edge dedicated fans camp out for days in the cold wet weather
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for a pair of shoes, why police want to be there when the shoes go on sale at 11:00. >> keep it right here. fox 5 news at 10:00 is coming right back. 
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well, i bet you're one of these folks like me, dozens frustrated beyonce fans in the d.c. area tonight, they missed out on tickets to her first july concert. today they missed out on a chance to get tickets on the second july date when the tickets sold out in a matter of seconds. tonight they want to know how is that possible? fox 5's maureen umeh has the story. >> a lot of fans have been sounding off on our facebook and twitter pages calling for an investigation into ticketmaster and other places that sell tickets. they want to know how tickets went on sale at 10:00 this morning. 60 seconds later the tickets were sold out. it seems impossible, but one fan advocate we talked to said what fans need to know is that the deck was stacked against
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them. it's the latest buzz surrounding queen b as she's known to her fans. her upcoming mrs. carter show world tour sold out in seconds despite the addition of extra dates. fans are disappointed. christopher grimm says they should be. they hardly stood a chance. >> most tickets were already gone well before the public on sale. >> grimm works with fan freedom, an organization that fights for the rights of ticket holding fans. he says for years fans have been getting a raw deal when it comes to buying tickets to see their favorite artists. he blames the industry for what he says is a common practice of holding large chunks of tickets back for certain credit card holders and fans who belong to special clubs. then there are smaller blocks of tickets set aside for promoters, sponsors and the artist's family and friends. >> so by the time regular folks log in most of the tickets are gone. instead of competing for 20,000
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tickets when you log in, you're competing for 2,000 or 2,500. >> ticketmaster has taken the biggest hit from fans who waited for tickets to be released only to see them sold out in seconds. but grimm says ticketmaster isn't the only company feeling the heat. he believes it's up to artists and their management to make things right for fans before those fans turn away. >> we think they should be honest with fans and disclose up front only 2,000 tickets will be available for the public on sale. all other tickets available for the presale and people can make a decision. they can say i'm going to spend $20 for that fan club membership or use my credit card, my american express or mastercard to, buy those tickets if i normally wouldn't do that. >> ticketmaster has not responded to the uproar this time, but last year you might recall when bruce springsteen went on concert. those tickets also, there was a mess with people trying to get tickets and it was sold out within seconds. ticketmaster issued a response
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then and said sadly that's what happens. there's a lot of demand and little supply and the prices go up as you know when that happens. we checked beyonce tickets today, found them going for thousand dollars of dollars, $2,000 up in some cases. so a lot of people are very upset and they have been going to our facebook and twitter pages to sound off on this mess. let's read a couple. paulette writes i'm not paying more for a concert than i pay for my mortgage. not going to happen. i am mad as heck. ray posts tickets should not sell out in five minute for every show in all those cities. something ain't right about this one. wendy, i think they should regulate the number of tickets one person can purchase and maybe only allow a certain amount to be sold per day over a period of time. maybe that would level the playing field. michael says make people stand in line like back in the day in macy's, 10 ticket limit. a lot of people commenting on this very upset hoping something will happen.
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not quite sure if beyonce's team plans to add another concert date. that is doubtful. if you want to weigh in still, you can, if you want to take action, you can go to they have a lot of ways to get involved to make your voice be heard and let ticketmaster and other ticket outlets know you're not going to stand for it. maureen umeh, fox 5 news. >> it is very frustrating. i'd like to see her, but i'm not going to say $3,000 for tickets that may have cost 100. >> you heard the woman talk about her modern. heck, i don't even want to pay -- mortgage. heck, i don't even want to pay $60 for tickets. maryland state police launched an internal investigation all because of a picture taken after a popular rapper was arrested. two troopers posed for the picture with rapper 2chainz after he was arrested on drug charges on the eastern shore last night. the rapper whose name is tauheed epps posted this picture on instagram. the van he was riding in was
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pulled over for speeding. officers smelled marijuana and found trace amounts in a backpack. 2chainz was given a citation and released. the legacy of jesse jackson jr. continues to unravel. federal prosecutors charged the former representative with fraud and conspiracy and claim he misused campaign money for personal expenses to the tune of $750,000. audrey barnes here with the story. i hear he's even buying cashmere capes. >> yeah. mink ones, too. not only is jesse jackson jr. facing charges, but so is his wife sandy and both are pleading guilty to the charges which could place the former congressman behind bars for years. prosecutors say jesse jackson jr. and his wife is an were involved in an elaborate -- sandy were involved in an elaborate scheme to use campaign money for personal expenses. the items purchased included more than $20,000 of michael jackson memorabilia including a
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star, more than $5,000 of mink and cashmere cages, $10,000 of bruce lee memorabilia, nearly $10,000 on children's furniture and a $43,000 men's rolex watch. most of the items came from antiquities of nevada. a clerk reached by phone today had no comment. the former representative isn't talking but has released a statement. "i offer no excuses for my actions and i fully accept my responsibility for the improper decisions and mistakes very made," jackson says. sandy jackson is charged with one tax count for allegedly filing one false tax return. the son of jesse jackson resigned in november shortly after a medical leave in congress. jackson ended his statement
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with an apology to family, friends and supporters. "it is my hope that i am remembered for things that i did right." now prosecutors are recommending a prison sentence of 46 to 57 months for the former congressman, much less for his wife sandy. he'll have to forfeit all of that memorabilia as well. there's much more than that at stake. joining us now to talk about that is fox 5 political analyst mark plotkin. mark, what an incredible fall from grace and a blow to the jackson supporters back in illinois. >> absolutely. this was a safe seat. he was a political wonder kin. he had been elected in a special election in 1995, only 30 years old. he sat on the powerful appropriations committee and he was thought to be this house seat was just a stepping stone to maybe becoming mayor of chicago or united states senator and now it's in smithereens. >> a lot of people may not know this, but jesse jackson jr.
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spent some of his high school years in d.c.? >> he attended and graduated from st. al bans down the street here in washington and in term of his legislative accomplishments something that happened just recently, you remember when the president gave his inaugural speech and then walked into statuary hall and stopped for a moment at the rosa parks statue which will -- which is there in statuary hall in a very prominent space, jesse jackson jr. was the person responsible for getting the funds for that and making that a reality. >> so was he an effective congressman? >> he was a very effective congressman for his district. there isn't a great legislative legacy, but sitting on the appropriations committee, a powerful committee, he almost got a third airport for chicago and he surely had a safe seat. the figure when you said $750,000, in 2010 i know that
10:22 pm
the figures he raised $795,000 it turns out that he spent it all. everything that was raised was spent on personal grandizement and this is a safe seat. he didn't have to spend any money. he got in the 90 percentile, you know, figures when he ran, the lowest percentage ever 76%. so everything was up. he had that seat to keep for life. >> now he's facing a lot of time behind bars. mark, thank you. let's throw it back to brian in the studio. up next an arrest after an explosion at a virginia sub shop. >> plus an olympian accused of killing his girl friend breaks down crying in court. 
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the man known as the olympic blade runner oscar pistorius broke down in tears today after being charged with
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killing his girl friend. prosecutors are charging him with premeditated murder. if convicted, he could spend the rest of his life in prison. this story has made history by become -- -- he made history by becoming the first double amputee to compete in the olympics. we are learning more about the murder of a 94-year-old alexandria man. a woman charged with burglarizing elmer roehrs' home last november is very likely to be charged in that murder. the commonwealth attorney said the woman remains held without bond as the investigation continues. coming up next we are visiting one of the most puzzling cold cases in the district. four years after a woman vanished without a trace. >> and it is one of the highest civilian honors in the country, why two local people received medals from president obama today. 
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. four years ago this week a northwest woman vanished from her home under suspicious circumstances. pamela butler was supposed to spend valentine's day with her mother, never showed up. police questioned butler's ex- boyfriend, but there have been no charges and her body has never been found. fox 5's paul wagner has more. >> we haven't given up. it's not a cold case. we're getting closer and closer every day. >> reporter: derrick butler misses his sister terribly. for four long years he has been the one out front, the one talking with police, the one talking with reporters, the one trying to make sure no one forgets about pam. >> it's hard standing on this corner. it's hard waking up every day thinking about it, you know, thinking that something happened to one of your siblings and you just don't have any answers. it's hard. >> reporter: the house on fourth street northwest looks very different now. the new owner gave it a
10:31 pm
complete makeover. at one time it was a meticulously kept home by a 47- year-old federal worker with a state of the art security system. when derrick butler learned his sister was missing, he took a look at what it recorded, footage that shows pam butler's ex-boyfriend and not much else. >> if you look at the cameras, nobody else was ever seen coming up to the house. she is seen going into the house. he's seen going into the house shortly thereafter and he's seen coming and going at all odd hours of the night and times when nobody had heard from pam he's seen coming in and out of the house. >> reporter: d.c. police searched the house top to bottom and had control of it for months. they also searched the park where pam liked to jog as well as rock creek park where investigators believe her ex- boyfriend may have been around the time she disappeared. >> so the work continues to go into this case. it's not as if it's gone cold and you have nowhere to go?
10:32 pm
>> no. it has not gone cold. we are continuing to investigate the case and we will continue to investigate the case. we hope to be able to bring this case to a conclusion. >> reporter: when pam butler first went missing, derrick confronted her ex-boyfriend with what he saw on the surveillance system and other troubling behavior. >> he denied having any involvement in pam's missing, but in talking to him he actually talked in past tense most of the time, you know, i guess i'll never see her again, you know. i wish i could see her again. >> reporter: no one has heard from pam butler in the last four years, although police say they have had reports from people who claim to have seen her. derrick butler, though, has no doubt his sister did not disappear on her own. d.c. police questioned butler's ex-boyfriend at least twice and have searched his home. he still lives in the washington area. tomorrow afternoon friends and family will gather on fourth
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street northwest in front of pam's old house where they will hold a vigil in her memory. in the fox 5 newsroom i'm paul wagner. police in frederick county looking for a second vehicle in connection with a jewelry store robbery. the incident happened february 5th at colonial jewelers. this is the other vehicle that maybe connected to the case witnesses saw fleeing the scene moments after the robbery. anyone with information is asked to contact frederick police department. president obama presented two people from the d.c. region with the 2013 presidential citizens medal today. it's the second highest award a civilian can receive. fox 5's tom fitzgerald has the story. [ applause ] >> reporter: at the white house president obama set the stage for a group of americans who he says approached citizenship not as a birthright, but a responsibility. >> we get to recognize some extraordinary men and women who have gone above and beyond for
10:34 pm
their country and for their fellow citizens. >> maria gomez. >> maria gomez was born in colombia but lives in washington. 25 years ago her calling of service led her to create mary's center providing healthcare for d.c.'s immigrant community. >> i hope that this award will inspire other young leaders to take that road less traveled. >> terry shima. >> terry shima of gaithersburg fought in world war ii as thousands of his fellow japanese americans were held in internment camps. he has worked ever since with veterans and students to teach history's lessons. >> when that day arrives and we are faced with the same kind of an emergency, you will instinctively know what to do and what not to do. >> this presidential citizens medal is not only one of the
10:35 pm
highest honors the nation bestows upon its citizens, but also one of the most exclusive. the white house says the 18 honorees today were chosen from a list of more than 6,000 nominees. but not all of the 18 recipients could accept their honor in person. >> a special note just to the families who are here from sandy hook. >> as families of the six teachers killed in the connecticut school shootings received their medals, many choked back tears. bill, kathy and mora sherlock received the award on behalf of the school psychologist mary sherlock. >> when you talk about first responders, they did everything they could with what they had. >> reporter: and for the 18 recipients of this president's citizen's medal what they had is now what they themselves represent for the rest of the country. tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. fox still to come local high schoolers asking for a favor from robert griffin, iii. >> plus find out why the
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controversy surrounding plans for the alexandria waterfront can soon be settled once and for all.   >> this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically. ♪ ♪ [ multiple sounds making melodic tune ]
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♪ [ male announcer ] at northrop grumman, every innovation, every solution, comes together for a single purpose -- to make the world a safer place. of performance. northrop grumman.
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alexandria city leaders are trying to settle the waterfront development tug of war. they're trying out a new strategy that appears to give opponents of the project the victory, but the victory is technically procedure. fox 5's john henrehan explains. >> reporter: much of the commercial prosperity in old town alexandria stems from its proximity to the potomac river. most of the waterfront is beautiful, but there are a couple old commercial warehouses there soon to be sold by a subsidiary of the washington post company presumably sold to developers.
10:40 pm
this land is commercially zoned, so the new owners could easily build riverfront housing or offices. city officials have tried to change the zoning to allow about 20% more density. that would bring more tax revenue to alexandria say from a hotel and the developer would have to guarantee broad public access to the waterfront. opponents want no more density and have waged a legal battle in the courts claiming the city council's majority vote was insufficient, that the zoning change required a super majority vote. alexandria officials are now willing to yield on that procedure point. >> we are agreeing to meet the super majority standard that the litigation opponents are asking for even though we don't think it's required. >> reporter: mayor bill euille believes the relatively small increase in zoning depp's it i at the old warehouse sites -- density at the old warehouse sites will help pay for future parks there. >> we need to be able to generate some tax revenues so that we can move forward as a city to do the things the
10:41 pm
citizens want to us do on the waterfront like open space and like the flood mitigation. >> reporter: opponents of the waterfront development plan remain skeptical of the change in tactics. >> certainly there are property rights. we want to make revenue, but i think we can do a much better job and what they're trying to do today is simply circumvent the public process once again. >> reporter: a couple more points, after the november election the city council in alexandria changed. it may now be easier to get a super majority vote in favor of the waterfront plan. city officials will ask the planning commission to hold yet another hearing in early march on the issue and then the city council will take a yes or no super majority vote on the waterfront plan on saturday, march 16th. john henrehan, fox 5 news. get ready to roll, details on this year's white house easter egg roll coming up on the news edge. plus -- >> that's 2.50 without tax
10:42 pm
about, 2.65. >> it's shoe mania in prince george's county. why are these shoes such a big deal? find out at 11:00.
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this is my friend diane. she's played by the rules her whole life. but then the rules flew right out the window. having just lost her husband, she stepped up and adopted her three grandkids, while working full time and caring for her brother, eddie, with cerebral palsy. i get the three children up. i walk andrew at eight i drop olivia off at eight thirty. spend a few minutes at emilio's school. i stop at the grocery store, and then i might do some laundry that has to be done.
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and then i have about five minutes. the baby sitter comes in and then i go to work. i'm not back home again until 11:30 at night. hard as she works, it's still a struggle to keep up with the bills and stay warm at night. when we asked the biggest oil companies to help families in need, only citgo, the people of venezuela, and president hugo chavez responded. thanks to them, citizens energy is able to deliver millions of gallons of fuel to families just like diane's. i'm joe kennedy. if you need help staying warm this winter, call me at 1-877-joe-4-oil. because no one should be left out in the cold!
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he's already one of the most talked about quarterbacks in the nfl. now he could be the one talking at a high school graduation. students at broad run high in fairfax want rg3 to be their commencement speaker. they've bombarded him with tweeted invitations, but so far rg3 has not replied. it's spring training down in vieira, florida for the nationals. lindsay murphy joins us now with more. >> the big news out of nats camp today was jordan zimmerman avoided arbitration, instead signing a one year deal. the other news is rafael soriano, the new closer, has gotten his visa issue squared away and is expected tomorrow. for more here is scott smith.
10:46 pm
>> reporter: this is it for davey johnson, it's his final spring training as a big league manager. of course, he hopes to go out with a bang, but consider the first shot fired during the winter meetings when he said that this season is world series or bust. those comments made the rounds. they've been heard loud and clear by everyone including his players. >> that's what everyone thinks. i've been thinking that since 2004 when i was in the minor league. >> he says that because he knows we have a good team and we know we're very talented and i think all of us obviously think that, if we don't go to the world series, it's going to be a disappointment. obviously you have your doubts and know how realistic that is, but if anyone were to ask anybody in spring training if they think they could win the world series, i think they would say yes. >> hopefully we can get that title for davey so he can go out on top and really be considered one of the best managers to coach the game. i'm so excited to have him. i think everybody is excited to have him and hopefully we can
10:47 pm
win and play him out on top. maybe he'll come back another year if we do. >> reporter: confidence has to be there, but as ryan zimmerman told me, the talent has to be there as well. for this team is most certainly is. >> yes, talent indeed. this team this offseason adding not only a closer and starting pitcher to the roster, but a solid center fielder, those team joining a team that won 98 games last season, more from scott tonight at 11:00. well, the rains come in and got a tricky snow situation tomorrow. >> that's right. it felt like baseball weather here today. >> it was nice. what did we get up to, 60? >> 60, yeah. i'm going to show the high temperature. so 60 for national and then we had upper 50s about everywhere else. i'm telling you, if you were out, if you've been out in the last little while, there's a huge difference in what the temperatures were this
10:48 pm
afternoon and what they are right now. rain is falling for most of us. some of us have a little mixture and some of us have all snow it looks like up to the north. we documented it now in writing, 60 degrees reagan national today for a high. dulles was almost there and so was bwi thurgood marshall with the high temperature 59. how great was that? that's okay. we're only 23 degrees colder now for national than the high temperature today. so the front has come through along with the precipitation. it's a little bit of everything, too. we have rain in the mix with snow. dulles is 35, winchester 36, gaithersburg 34 as well as frederick and some of you holding onto the lower 40s, but that's few and far between from culpeper to leonardtown. this is sentinel radar, the current picture of what we're seeing right now. of course, grain is rain and in this light blue color, that is snow. there's a little line here that may be a little mixture, but i know from just some reports coming through that even into
10:49 pm
some of this green we do have a little bit of mixturing with some big snowflakes coming on in. we can't pick up all that. we're basically seeing most of this is green. this is coming through. it's working west to east. give this a couple more hours. it will probably go ahead and clear the bay. we're not worried about any problems here because this may be a little accumulation way up to the north on the grassy areas here and temperatures will get down into the lower 30s, some places below freezing, but listen. the ground and road temperatures are so warm it looks like it's going to be wet pavement and hopefully with this dry air coming in, a little breeze, too, everything will dry it before it has a chance to freeze. you see this the area of snow coming down into oklahoma, more rain coming into texas. this is the beginnings of the storm system that we'll keep a close eye on for tomorrow. it looks like and the models
10:50 pm
continue to come out and this is a situation where we're just looking for more information and the models are really beginning to focus on this one scenario. we'll take you through it. this is futurecast showing almost perfectly what we're having right now. this gives me good confidence, too because when the model starts off with the good ground truth here, it usually does a pretty good job for tomorrow. tomorrow 9 a.m. i think we'll have sunshine breaking through especially north and west. as we progress through the day, more showers and snow begin to develop, but everything continues to show this i-95 to the east and south. so i'm very confident we don't have to worry about any accumulation for the i-95 corridor and certainly north and west. storm system gets stronger and most of this stays offshore. a couple snow streamers come through sunday because it's going to be real cold and blowing. this storm system tomorrow evening getting stronger heads
10:51 pm
off to sea. way out to the east of us possibly along the shore up to 3 inches, maybe a few light snow showers in the cold air tomorrow evening i-95 to the east. so the rain, snow moves through, little, if any, accumulation. mostly cloudy tomorrow morning, mostly cloudy at noon and there could be a spotty snow shower or two i-95 east tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. real cold sunday, too, 37 and feel like it's in the 20s and then we're back up in the 40s next week, another chance of a light wintery mix late in the week. legislation to crack down on texting while driving continues in virginia. the house and senate passed versions of the bill earlier this month. changes include the charge becoming a primary offense allowing police to stop and ticket you. in virginia it's only a secondary offense and offenders can only be cited.
10:52 pm
it's been another busy week in washington from president obama's state of the union address to gop lawmakers blocking chuck hagel's nomination for secretary of defense. earlier today i talked to chris wallace about how he thinks the hagel nomination will play out. >> i think most republicans don't want to block the nomination. they wanted to use the leverage to get some more information from the white house, especially on the benghazi terror attack. they feel that the administration has not leveled with them and a lot of questions they have they hope to use the leverage to get that information. they come back a week from tuesday and the expectation is that if, if they get the answers to the questions they have that they will stop their filibuster, which is in effect what it is, and allow the nomination to go through. i think it would be a surprise unless some very damaging information comes out between now and then, i think both sides expect the hagel nomination to go through. >> let me ask you it seems like
10:53 pm
president obama came out in the state of a union and had somewhat of a conciliatory tone and seemed to have this message we can do this if we work together, but it still seems like he's going to have this fight that will continue on. is that your take or do you think eventually we'll start to see everybody working together? >> i wouldn't bet on that. i would bet on gridlock. i don't know i'd put it all on the republicans. the president talked about some areas of compromise, but his basic approach, a lot of new spending, about $100 billion in the next year, call for higher taxes. i'm not saying it's right or wrong, but he knows that's unacceptable for republicans. the first big plays we'll see koch news obviously the hagel nomination, but also -- compromise obviously the hagel nomination, but also the sequestering, the spending cuts really having a serious effect
10:54 pm
on social programs and the pentagon. at this point there is no hint of bipartisan compromise and i think the odds is better than 50/50 the sequester will go through. >> the most important question, who is going to be on the show this weekend? >> we'll have lindsey graham leading the charge to get information about benghazi and then we'll talk to senator rand paul. he gave the tea party response to the republican response to the president's speech. he's critical of both the obama agenda and also the republican agenda. we'll talk to him about that. >> going to be an interesting show this weekend. thanks so much. we'll see you here on fox news sunday here on fox 5. coming up next the contest for a good cause, the clef competition that has local students -- clever competition that has local students helping people with disabilities. 
10:55 pm
10:56 pm
10:57 pm
the maryland students are
10:58 pm
using simple items like index cards, pvc pipes to make dramatic changes in the lives of others. the group made it to the finals of a national competition and today they had to show off their work. fox 5's beth parker tells us their designs come from the mind and the heart. >> reporter: what these high school kids are setting up has taught them a few things. >> we saw how easy it was to change someone's life. >> reporter: brian, jessica and neil attend poolesville high school. they're helping disabled people who recycle old olive bins to be sold as rain barrels. while the workers clean the outside of the barrel they have to bend over and move around. it's awkward work. now the students designed a fix. >> so the barrel's been placed on as such. >> reporter: it spins in the cradle. >> the employee can stand right here and just spin it and clean it as he goes. >> reporter: the kids are participating in the ability one challenge. 300 entries from all over the u.s., two teams from poolesville, maryland qualified for the finals. kevin lee is their engineering teacher. >> near going to earn probably
10:59 pm
hundreds of -- they're going to earn probably hundreds of a's in the next few years because they're bright kids, but to change someone's life like they have and give them an opportunity they may never have again is huge for them. >> reporter: the kids from poolesville worked with the scott key center in frederick, a nonprofit that provides meaningful employment for people with disabilities. >> they're young, but they're very seasoned in many ways already with collecting data, doing research. >> reporter: the competition was whittled down to five finalists. are you guys nervous? dennis, carlos and ryan built a tea packaging device. people with intellectual disabilities use a grid to count out the teabags. not anymore. >> the employees begin by inserting the device into the tea box and it snugly fits. it doesn't move around much, so that's great. then they flop the tea packets into the box -- slot the tea packets into the box like this. >> any disabled person will tell you they want

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